Enclosed tooth cap from horse in drop with wide edge


If you have a tooth cap from your horse, it is possible to have a piece of jewelery made with it.

Here, the tooth has been ground to a drop, and then framed in 925 silver.

If you have other design wishes, just let us know. This piece of jewelry is shown as an example of options only.

You send the tooth to:

Jewelry Design By Mette P

Skærsøgårdvej 1, Veerst

6600 Road


It is possible to have the piece gold-plated with 14 carat gold. There will be an additional price here.

The chain is available in different lengths.

Let's have a chat, which design you would like.

We have machine translated this product for you.

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Alle smykker fra Smykke Design By Mette P er håndlavet. Det betyder også at der er ingen smykker der er helt ens. unikke og personlige smykker.

Håndlavet i Danmark. Alle smykker er lavet i 925 sølv. Mange af mine smykker er inspireret af naturen. Jeg laver selv de glasperler der indgår i mine smykker.