Forget me not double memory.


necklace with 2 handmade glass beads with ashes from your pet. Made in 925 silver that is gilded with 14 carat gold. In the picture it is shown with an additional paw. It is possible to purchase the small paw pendant

Saying goodbye to a pet can be an indescribably heavy and sad experience.

Many families live side by side with a beloved pet in the home. Unfortunately, animals do not live as long as us humans. So with a pet in the family, at some point you also have to accept that death will pass by and take the four-legged member of the family with it.

After cremation, your pet's ashes are cast into a unique piece of jewelry that you can wear as a cherished memory close to the body.

Now Smykke Design By Mette P gives you the opportunity to preserve a lovely memory from your pet.

Get a piece of jewelry made that you can wear.

You buy the jewelery here on the webshop, then you send the ashes to:

Jewelry Design By Mette P

Skærsøgårdvej 1, Veerst

6600 Road

When I have received your order, I will send an email, here we can talk together in case there are other wishes for your particular For Glem Mig ej Smykke.

About a week after the ashes have been received, your jewelery will be ready to be sent to you.

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  • Gilding with 14 carat gold: No gilding, it is desired in silver
  • Model: WSHOP-630-V1
Availability: In stock
  • Gilding with 14 carat gold: Gilding with 14 carat gold
  • Model: WSHOP-630
Availability: In stock
Availability: In stock
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